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M&R Sportsman 8/6 Press - 2006
AC Print Heads & Servo Indexer
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
|Pic 7|Pic 8|Vid|Vid 2|
$28,500..Chicago..338K Impressions
$650 Crating Charge
Quartz Flash Dryers + Air Compressor Available

M&R Chameleon - Mfg 2005
14 Color 8 Station Press
Air Side Clamps Option
Comes w/ 18x22 Pallets
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
|CR 1|CR 2|CR 3|CR 4|
$12,500 Each obo......Chicago
86L x82Wx68T

M&R Guardian II 48" Gas Dryer - Mfg 2004
14' Infeed + 176" Heat + 48" Outfeed
208/230V 3 Phase
Cures Textile & Graphic Inks
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Pic 7|Vid|
$10,000...UV MODULE SOLD

Red Chili Quartz Flash - 2 Available
Sensor Turns it On/Off
20x24 Size Digital Heat Controller -2013
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Pic 7|$3750
20x24 Size Analog Heat Controller - 2006
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4| $3500

AWT Super-Turbo Electic Dryer 06/93
Model ST-36 w/ Hat Curing Panel Option
36" Belt x 8' Conveyor
3 IR Panels ...208-240 V, 3 Ph
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Vid|
Skid Size 68x60x64 @1350 lbs
$1500 as is works obo......Chicago

M&R Serrano Flash - 2005
IR Flash Shuttle Flash 18x18
Shuttles In & Out
Shuttles via Foot Pedal or Timer Mode
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Skid|
230V Single Phase @ 18 amps

AWT CureTex Dryer
24"x8' Conveyor Dryer
220V Single Phase
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Vid|

Workhorse Mach 6c/6s
Rear Clamping Micro-Registration
Aluminum Cladded Pallets w/ Upgraded Clamps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Pic 7|
Skids Size 50x50x60 Tall

SpeedAire Vertical Air Compressor
Model 4ME98..5 HP @ 15.8/14.2CFM
Ingersoll Rand Chiller Included
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Vid|
230V 3 Phase Power

M&R Blue Max Press
6 Color 4 Station
Micro-Registration + Side Clamps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
$1500 obo...Chicago
Stahls Hotronix Shirt Heat Press
Model STX20
1750 Watts
Press Area of 16x20
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|

M&R Style Pallets
16x22 Pallets |Pic|
18x22 Pallets |Pic|
23x4 Sleeve Pallets x 8 |Pic||

Hix HL-912 Heat Transfer Press
9x12 Image Area
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|

Stahls Hotronix Hat Heat Press
The Hot One Model MC
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

American Rototex Single Color
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Newman Roller Frames
16x20 Frames Rear Square Bar.
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
56 Qty..Lot Price of $1000
Individually $24 Each
Workhorse Pallets w/ Clamps
Kids Pallets|Pic 1|Pic 2| $/set
Sleeve Pallets |Pic 1|Pic 2| $/set
Leg Pallet |Pic 1|Pic 2| $/set
2 Bracket Clamps |Pic 1|$/set
M&R Gauntlet 8/6 Press - Mfg 1997
6 Color 8 Station - All Air Press
Mosier Indexing System
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Pic 7|Pic 8|
Being Sold for a Customer in Current State
New Item
M&R QFU Quartz Flashes
18x18 Flash Area
2 Available - MFG 2001
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|